Tattooing for beauty has been present in almost every culture around the world for centuries. Egyptian and Assyrian women painted their lips with plant materials thousands of years ago. Early cosmetic tattooing consisted of dots and lines on the chins of Polynesian women. Lip tattooing was reportedly done by Eskimo women.  While it has evolved over the last several centuries, the reason for having it done remains the same- so that you can look and feel like your best self!


Permanent Makeup (AKA semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation and derma pigmentation), can be done using both manual tools and machines, and can be done just about anywhere on the body to either enhance or conceal an area. 

It's important to understand that permanent makeup isn't completely permanent.  It will gradually fade over time.  While this can be seen as a drawback to some, most clients like this fact as it allows them to update their makeup style as they see fit. Before completely fading, the client will need to schedule a retouch appointment, at which point they can choose to keep the same style or switch it up.

Who would benefit from permanent makeup (PMU)?

Anyone aged 18-98! Any age is a good age to invest in yourself.

Anyone that has poor or limited eyesight.

Anyone active in sports as pmu won't sweat off during exercise.

Anyone busy with career, school, family or a combination of them.

Anyone that doesn't have a steady hand.

Anyone that has trouble creating the perfect winged liner, shaped brow or curled lash.

Anyone that ​wants to wake up looking beautiful and feeling confident!

All decisions to receive cosmetic tattooing should be carefully considered.  Research on the specific procedure should always be done in advance. The artist should have a permit, be certified and insured. They should also be able to do many different styles of permanent makeup rather than one look for every client. If all these points are taken into consideration than you’re bound to be happy with whatever permanent makeup style you choose to have done!